Advantages of Ownership

Normally, if you want extra space at home, you have to build an extension onto your home or add a new building on your property. This usually requires a building permit, weeks or months of dealing with workers and contractors, higher costs and can be disruptive.

A Port Townsend Shepherd Hut redefines your relationship with additional space. A hut can easily be converted to another use or moved around your property to suit your evolving needs. It can be resold, or moved to your new home if you ever move. And it’s ready to use on the day it’s delivered!

The exterior of the typical hut is corrugated metal, but can be finished differently. While a room within your home generally tends to somewhat match the rest of the house, your Shepherd Hut is under no such obligation and can have a very different interior. It can be your whimsical children’s out-of-control playroom next to your immaculate house. Or your Euro- chic office space outside your Victorian classic. Why not have it be the empty room that you change with the seasons? It can easily convert to a space for the unexpectedly-widowed parent until things settle down or a room for a boomerang 20-something child. A recent retiree can use the extra space to explore a new hobby and find a new direction in life. If you replace the undercarriage with a standard trailer undercarriage, your Shepherd Hut makes an eye-catching booth to display your company‚Äôs products at trade shows.

Here are some ideas:

  • Home Office
  • Artist Studio
  • Counselor office
  • Massage therapy studio
  • Sauna with changing room
  • Music room
  • Writer’s studio
  • Sewing or craft room
  • Game room
  • Man cave
  • Meditation room
  • Extra lodging for a Bed & Breakfast
  • Whatever you can imagine!