Build Quality

Our Shepherd Huts are a timeless design built with modern technology and know-how.

The undercarriage is our own design developed to alleviate some of the issues with the original huts that had a nineteenth century steering assembly. We utilize axle spindles with two tapered roller bearings per spindle (provided by Trail-X , a farm wagon manufacturer) and a steel frame for rigidity and durability.

Our wheels are custom-cast in aluminum by Port Townsend Foundry to avoid corrosion issues. Port Townsend Foundry has been in business over 30 years and has customers around the world. They produce a wide variety of custom aluminum and bronze cast parts for the maritime industry. We intend to have cast bronze wheels for our own hut as well as an option on the most customized huts.

All curved ceiling and roof arches were produced by Turn Point Design of Port Townsend using their CNC 3-axis router.

  • All structural framing is #1 Douglas Fir
  • 2X6 floor framing on 16″ centers
  • overlapping Grace Tri-Flex vapor barrier
  • 1/2″ treated CDX plywood bottom floor layer
  • R-21 (5 1/2″) floor insulation
  • 3/4″ CDX plywood subfloor
  • 2X4 wall framing on 24″ centers
  • 1/2″ CDX plywood exterior wall sheathing with Tyvek vapor barrier
  • two layers of 18mm Europly laminated for roof beams
  • 1X4 T&G pine ceiling
  • single layer of 18mm Europly for roof support with 1X2 purlins
  • blown in batt insulation (3 1/2″ walls, 5″ ceiling)
  • 3/8″ CDX plywood roof sheathing
  • overlapping Grace Tri-Flex roof water barrier

Standard windows are framed in Douglas Fir with true divided lites. Standard doors are out-swing Douglas Fir dutch doors with Baldwin full mortise lock sets.

Our wiring is state inspected to ensure proper installation and safety.

Mike is fortunate to have a cadre of his past associates in various trades to count on for welding, millwork, electrical and plumbing when necessary. The assembly and construction of the hut is all done by him though, so there is no disconnect between buyer and builder.

Going through all of the stages of building this first prototype has given him the time to see what things will probably evolve over time as different configurations are built and additional suppliers are added to accommodate them. Current plans are to continue production for at least the next 15 years. The choice to keep production limited is based on his desire to maintain focus on each project, personally do the delivery and setup, and still have time for their regular trips to England or Europe.

Warranty: 10 years for any structural defects and normal manufacturer warranties for factory built components.