Construction Updates | 2-26-2015

We’re currently working with PT Foundry to make the wheel hubs about 1″ wider to allow for improved protection for the wheel bearings. Starting this process now now will also avoid the possibility of having a delay in the next hut construction.

Further improvements are being made to the steering assembly by enlarging the vertical tube holding the axle to allow silicone bronze bearings to be installed rather than grease lubrication. This will also allow us to have the finer details refined without a time pressure.

We’re looking to expand our source for both custom doors and windows since dutch door designs are rather limited in style and the normal wood windows are not ideal for typical hut hardware. Necessity may dictate that we start to source them from local cabinet makers or build them in-house. There would not be a change in price unless there was a customer driven customization.

The curved roof panel installation is nearing completion and then the last odds and ends will be dealt with shortly. A trip to Seattle will be necessary to sort out a cantankerous deadbolt and pick up the lever door handle to finish that installation.

Follow the final progress and the modified wheels and steering on the Construction Gallery.

2 thoughts on “Construction Updates | 2-26-2015

  1. So very excited that finally someone is brings this wonderful beautiful tradition here to the U.S.!! And in Washington state fantastic
    Now I need to start saving my pennies what once was just a dream I might actually b able to acquire
    If there’s a mailing list let me know

    • Hi Cynthia,

      Thanks for your comments and interest- I’ll definitely keep you on the mailing list and hope that you can have a hut one day. Just give a call and drop by if you’re ever in Port Townsend- it’s a great place to visit!

      Enjoy the upcoming summer, Mike

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