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2 thoughts on “Order Form

  1. Hi,
    I have a few questions for you, but first off I want to say that I love the nice traditional curved top and interior finish boards. 1)What is the overall dimension, and what is the ceiling height? 2)What is the cost for your basic model?
    I presume the cast aluminum wheels are suitable for moving short distances, say from a sunny winter location to a shady summer location on the same property. 3)But for a long distance move would it work to load the wagon onto a flatbed trailer? Jo

    • Hi Jo,
      Unfortunately this comment got mis-filed and not forwarded to me until today. The overall dimension is 7’3″X12′ without a powder room (2′ longer) and interior height 8′ (standard 6’8″ door). The cost of the basic hut (prototype specs similar) is $22,000.
      The aluminum wheels will handle moving around a pasture or lawn just fine, but longer moves definitely require a trailer. That’s how it will be delivered.
      Feel free to ask anything else and I’m sorry for the late response.
      Have a great summer-Mike

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