Order Process

Order Process:

  • The estimated cost of a standard Shepherd hut (no built-ins) is $20-22,500 depending on door and window selection.
  • $1,000 due to secure a place on the production schedule (refundable if order canceled)
  • 20% due at door/window order decision
  • 40% due at construction start
  • 30% due at completion if delivering
  • Final payment due at completed delivery or customer pick-up
  • All payments by bank wire transfer or PayPal, except cash at delivery

Construction Specific Schedule and Deadlines:

  • Build lead time roughly 4-6 weeks.

When a deposit is made the customer is added to the production schedule. At this time the process of identifying the specific components of their hut must begin.

Four weeks prior to beginning construction on a customer’s hut, door and window styles, sizes, brands, and location decisions must be confirmed. This is also the time when the customer should request to include a toilet, sink, and an additional two feet of hut length to accommodate the additions. Any custom hardware or fixtures will be discussed to determine lead times.

When construction is ready to begin, specific decisions regarding the following must be made: electrical outlets, light locations and switches, flooring, interior and exterior paint colors and brands, metal roofing and siding colors or other siding options, as well as bath fixtures and floor specifics, if needed.

At the end of the first week of construction the customer will need to provide decisions for the following: all standard door and window hardware, lighting fixtures, and any other special requests.

From beginning to completion the construction of a hut will be less than four weeks without custom built-ins, so there is very little time to change options once construction begins. Custom fixtures and hardware commonly require between 4 and 6 weeks to be ordered, produced, and shipped, which can significantly delay production if these decisions are not submitted early in the process.


  • Free within 500 miles and $1/mile beyond that (one way charge only).

Current Build List:

  1. Build Number 0032 in Progress
  2. Available
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